Visitor information

Dear vis­i­­tors, we are pleased to an­­nounce that the Mu­se­um Lud­wig is open. You can buy your tick­et at the mu­se­um.

Mea­sures to Pre­vent the Spread of COVID-19

Since it is our pri­or­i­ty to pro­tect you and our staff, we kind­ly ask you to stick to the fol­low­ing rules:

Please wear a mask cov­er­ing your mouth and nose dur­ing your vis­it.

Please keep a dis­tance of 1.5 - 2 me­tres to other vis­i­tors and mu­se­um at­ten­dants.

Please wash your hands fre­quent­ly and thor­ough­ly. Re­st­rooms are avai­l­able on ev­ery floor.

Please use your arm or a tis­sue when sneez­ing or cough­ing. Please dis­pose the tis­sue im­me­di­ate­ly.

Tick­ets are avai­l­able at the mu­se­um or on­line via Köl­ntick­et.

Plexi­glas pan­els help pro­tect vis­i­tors and staff at the tick­et desk, cloak­room, and in­for­ma­tion desk. 

Mark­ings and signs guide vis­i­tors through the mu­se­um and help main­tain a safe dis­tance. Please fol­low the mu­se­um at­ten­dants’ di­rec­tions.

Our staff wear face masks and main­tain a safe dis­tance to others.

Our mu­se­um at­ten­dants en­sure that the ca­pac­i­ty of the ex­hi­bi­tion spaces is not ex­ceed­ed so that vis­i­tors can main­tain a safe dis­tance of 1.5 to two me­ters.

Our (Ger­man) au­dio guide for adults is avai­l­able for down­load here. The chil­dren’s au­dio guide can be down­load­ed here. Au­dio guides are al­so avai­l­able at the mu­se­um and are care­ful­ly dis­in­fect­ed af­ter each use.

The mu­se­um shop and cafe are open. Please fol­low the hy­giene guide­lines post­ed there.

Work­shops for chil­dren and adults can be re­served. An overview of our of­fer­ings is avai­l­able here.



Guid­ed tours and work­shops

Guid­ed tours and work­shops are book­able. 

Please send your re­quest to: ser­­se­ums­di­