The first Eu­ro­pean ret­ro­spec­tive on the pi­oneer­ing Amer­i­can chore­o­g­ra­pher and film­mak­er

Yvonne Rain­er - SPACE, BODY, LAN­GUAGE

The Mu­se­um Lud­wig in co­op­er­a­tion with Kun­sthaus Bre­genz and the Get­ty Re­search In­sti­tute in Los An­ge­les proud­ly pre­sents the first Eu­ro­pean ret­ro­spec­tive of the trail­blaz­ing chore­o­g­ra­pher and film mak­er Yvonne Rain­er. When Yvonne Rain­er stepped on­to the dance stage in 1960, she rad­i­cal­ly changed the genre. Her min­i­mal­ist chore­o­gra­phies dis­pensed with nar­ra­tive and over­s­tate­ment. In­stead they used move­ments and pos­es from ev­ery­day life, com­bined with texts, films and sound re­cord­ings. Al­ready her dance adopt­ed the means of film mon­tage.