The an­niver­sary ex­hi­bi­tion with 25 in­ter­na­tio­n­al artists and col­lec­tives and one cen­tral ques­tion: What does the Mu­se­um Lud­wig mean to them?

We Call It Lud­wig! The Mu­se­um is turn­ing 40.

The group ex­hi­bi­­tion "We Call It Lud­wig" is the high point of the land­­mark year 2016 at the Mu­se­um Lud­wig. For the an­niver­sary ex­hi­bi­­tion, which was join­t­­ly con­­ceived by the di­rec­­tor and all the mu­se­um’s cu­ra­­tors, twen­­ty-five in­­ter­­na­­tio­n­al artists and artist col­lec­­tives have been in­­vit­ed to en­­gage in depth with the in­­sti­­tu­­tion and to re­act to the ques­­tion of what the Mu­se­um Lud­wig means to them.

Par­ti­­ci­­pat­ing artists:
Ge­orges Adéag­bo, Ai Wei­wei, Ei Arakawa & Michel Au­d­er, Min­er­­va Cue­­vas, Maria Eich­horn, An­­drea Fras­er, Meschac Ga­­ba, Guer­ril­la Girls, Hans Haacke, Dian­­go Hernán­dez, Can­di­­da Höfer, Bodys Isek Kin­gelez, Kuehn Malvezzi, Chris­­tian Philipp Müller, Mar­­cel Oden­bach, Ah­met Ögüt, Claes Ol­d­en­burg, Pratchaya Phin­thong, Alex­an­­dra Pir­i­­ci & Manuel Pel­­muş, Ger­hard Richter, Av­ery Singer, Jür­­gen Stol­l­hans, Rose­­marie Trock­­el, Vil­la De­sign Group, Chris­­to­pher Wil­li­ams.